February is Kantha Month!

Kantha all year long!

kantha fabric

What is Kantha?

Kantha throws: literally, “quilt of recycled cotton rag” are traditionally associated with the rural women of Bengal, both in India and Bangladesh. Kantha has a long history including references even in medieval literature.

Made from layers of discarded saris joined by a simple running stitch, which typically produces a wonderful rippled effect. Kantha range from utilitarian quilts to exquisitely embroidered heirlooms, and are used primarily as bed pallets and as light wraps, with smaller versions traditionally used as swaddling clothes for babies.

Old cloth also has a magical purpose, as it is believed to symbolize prayers and ward off the “evil eye,” hence the rags often displayed at Indian shrines or tied to trees.

Please join us on February 18th for a night of Kantha education with Mieko Mintz original and one-of-a-kind kantha coats. These beautifully hand stitched coats are perfect for any wardrobe in the cold Sun Valley winters!


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